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Edinburgh Sensors

Edinburgh Sensors (Sensors) started 20 years ago as a spin out company from Edinburgh Instruments (EI). The extensive knowledge of Infra-Red Photonics within EI led to an innovation in the method of detecting different gases and their concentrations using miniaturised IR Filter techniques.

Sensors has since developed a complete range of systems and products using IR Filter technology and supports multiple industrial applications in environmental monitoring where highly sensitive measurement across wide ranges of concentration is important. Specific gasses that respond well to measurements using IR Filter technology include CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, Refrigerants and SF6.

End users work with Sensors integrated monitoring systems that can be used as stand-alone solutions. Sensors will also partner with OEM customers to develop Gas Sensing Boards that are incorporated within their larger environmental control systems.

Although based in Livingston, the same location as EI, Sensors is now an independent company with their own separate facilities and a dedicated team of experienced management and skilled production staff.