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The origins of Froilabo date back to 1918 – under the name of Couprie, the business was the first manufacturer of centrifuges in France. With the introduction of refrigeration technology to centrifuges in 1946, this new in-house expertise led to the development of a wide range of Ultra Low Temperature freezers and other products.

Since 1985, Froilabo (Cold Lab in English) has been developing and manufacturing products in Lyon, France and Romania. Today, Froilabos™ wide range of high quality, reliable and energy efficient products focused on the life science and research markets include: 86C ULT Freezers, Ovens and Incubators, High Capacity Blast Freezers and Environmental Chambers.

Froilabo also manufactures the Dragon system for the industrial market that delivers high volume forced airflow between -100C to +300C with precision controlled ramp rates of 20C per second.