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Techcomp Europe Ltd

Investment Strategy

Techcomp Europe Ltd has a successful track record investing in scientific instrument companies and helping them to grow and launch new technologies and products.

In the past five years, Techcomp Europe Ltd has completed four acquisitions and now has a portfolio of six companies including Precisa AG, Froilabo SAS, Edinburgh Instruments Ltd, Scion Instruments BV, Dynamica Ltd and Edinburgh Sensors Ltd.

In addition to bringing investment funds, Techcomp Europe Ltd is able to provide scientific industry knowledge to assist the direction of new technology  development and can provide access to global distribution channels to generate growth in new regions and markets. We also have excellent factories and suppliers in various countries that can help manufacturing processes and sourcing challenges.

Although we have the benefits of being a Group, each business is run autonomously with their own dedicated management team and factory.  Our CEOs and other key managers all have extensive experience in the scientific instrument industry and their own specialist technologies.

We are interested in making further investments if the synergies are right.  We can add the most value to a small-to-medium sized business based on a focused and proven technology and with a well-respected brand in the scientific instrument industry.

If you would like to discuss any specific opportunities further, please contact